Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get. All in one convenient location.

Aerial Drone Photography

How Do Professional Photographs Benefit the Hospitality Industry?

Professional photographs can greatly benefit hotels in terms of marketing and attracting potential guests. High-quality images can showcase the beauty and amenities of a...

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Drone Photography AF Group Building on Grand River in Lansing, MI

What is Architectural Photography?

Architectural photography is a specialized field that requires a unique combination of artistic vision and technical expertise. It is a rewarding and challenging field...

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Business Headshot Portrait Photography in Lansing, MI

Why Should You Get a Professional Headshot? Top 10 Reasons

Getting a professional headshot for your business is a smart investment that can pay off in a variety of ways. It helps to establish...

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Google Maps Virtual Tour of Meat Southern BBQ in Lansing, MI

How can a Virtual Tour on Google Maps help my potential customers?

Short Answer: A Virtual Tour on Google will help your potential customers have confidence that your business is worth visiting. Long answer...

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How Can I Get the Most Out of My Google Maps Virtual Tour?

Short Answer: Share your Google Maps Virtual Tour on your social media, in your email signatures, and on your website. Here is how to...

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Google 360 Virtual Tour of Abrams Planetarium

How Much Does Commercial Photography Cost?

Short Answer: It depends. It really does. Let me explain… Long Answer: If you’re new to hiring someone to take pictures for you, it...

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Premium DSLR Virtual Tours

How can a Virtual Tour on Google Maps help my business?

Short Answer: A Virtual Tour on Google Maps will get more customers walking in your front door. Long Answer...

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