How can a Virtual Tour on Google Maps help my potential customers?

How can a Virtual Tour on Google Maps help my potential customers?

How can a Virtual Tour on Google Maps help my potential customers?

Short Answer:

A Virtual Tour on Google Maps will help your potential customers have confidence that your business is worth visiting in person.

Long Answer:

Ninety-five percent of consumers are searching online for businesses and your Google My Business listing is usually their first impression of you. Let us add a premium HDR 150 megapixel DSLR Virtual Tour to your Google listing. It will help show your potential customers that you are a professional, legitimate, and well-run operation. It will also help remove the anxiety they might have in going through your front door for the first time. After seeing your virtual tour, they’ll be confident you are worth visiting!

2/3 of people want more virtual tours

An independent study found that 67% of people want more business listings to have virtual tours. Professional event planners in particular are asking for virtual tours to use in their marketing efforts. Give the people what they want!

Who benefit most from virtual tours?

People who have anxiety about visiting new places

Most consumers have some anxiety about visiting new places. They may drive by a new restaurant or store dozens of times without going inside. The reason is that people fear new things. We don’t like to feel embarrassed if we try something and don’t like it. Most people would rather not try something at all. We are also creatures of habit and going somewhere new breaks those habits. 

A virtual tour on Google helps your potential customers take that first step without leaving their comfort zone. They can Google you and walk right in the front door on their smartphone or desktop computer.  Because of your Google Tour, your potential customer will have confidence going inside your business for the first time. They will know exactly what to expect when they open your door, all without the anxiety. 

people with autism

People with Autism and Asperger’s are especially leery about going to new places. Being able to see a business before going there helps reduce that anxiety. 

People who are hard of hearing

Those who are hard of hearing can use this tool to determine if seating is available in a restaurant away from distracting/loud areas. Then they will be confident they can enjoy their dinner conversation without too much disruption.

Wheelchair users

Wheelchair users may use it to determine if a location is easily accessible for them. They need to know where the handicap parking is, where the bathrooms are, and if there are any areas they will have trouble navigating. 

People with low vision

Those with low vision can also use your virtual tour to see how easy it is to navigate through your business. Once they have planned their route, they will be more confident that they can get to where they need to go.

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