How can a Virtual Tour on Google Maps help my business?

How can a Virtual Tour on Google Maps help my business?

How can a Virtual Tour on Google Maps help my business?

Short Answer:

A Virtual Tour on Google Maps will get more customers walking in your front door.

Long Answer:

Ninety-five percent of consumers are searching online for businesses and your Google My Business listing is usually their first impression of you. Let us add a premium HDR 150 megapixel DSLR Virtual Tour to your Google listing. It will show your potential customers that you are a professional, legitimate, and well-run operation. It will also help remove the anxiety they might have in going through your front door for the first time. After seeing your virtual tour, they’ll be confident you are worth visiting!

Virtual Tours Double the Interest in Your Business

An independent study found those who view a restaurant or hotel listing with a basic Google My Business listing are 24% more likely to be interested in booking a reservation there. Add a virtual tour and it becomes 48%. That’s twice as likely! Among 18-34 year-olds in particular, prospects are 130% more likely to book based on a virtual tour.

2/3 of people want more virtual tours

Among people surveyed about the tours, 67% want more business listings to have virtual tours. Professional event planners in particular are asking for virtual tours to use in their marketing efforts. Give the people what they want!

It helps those with disabilities

People with Autism and Asperger’s may be leery about going to new places. Being able to see a business before going there helps reduce that anxiety. Wheelchair users may use it to determine if a location is easily accessible for a wheelchair. People that are hard of hearing may use this tool to determine if seating is available in a restaurant away from distracting/loud areas. Those with low vision can use a tour to see how easy it is to navigate through the business.

It’s really cool

There are some really neat technologies today that make us feel like we are living in the future. This is definitely one of them. One of our clients referred to it as “their office video game” and another said “it was like carrying their store in their pocket.”

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