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Architectural Photography

Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves.
– Julia Morgan

What is architectural Photography?

We’re so glad you asked! Architectural Photography’s goal is to bring buildings to life. It is a type of commercial photography that captures buildings and similar structures in an aesthetically pleasing and accurate way.

It is usually separated into two different categories. Interior and Exterior. Here is what makes them different: 

Exterior architectural photography takes advantage of daylight or other good sources of light (moonlight, ambient light from street lights, and exterior lights on buildings).

We really like to blend a structure’s aesthetics with its environment. To showcase the area around the building and give it context. The main goal is to invite interest and curiosity of the viewers of our images.

In this type of commercial photography, the most important ingredient is space. This is the reason why we take interior shots with wide-angle lens. That give us the most complete picture. We find it best to take clean, simple shots to avoid visual clutter. This greatly helps in establishing the focus of our images and highlight the personality of the space we are shooting.

Although we prefer to use ambient lighting (from open windows or the lights inside the room), we sometimes find a need to add more light to the scene. Using off-camera-flash is our go-to means of adding more light. This is why indoor architectural photography is considered controlled photography. We take control of the situation by adjusting the lighting.

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